Swar-Taal Sadhana - Scroll
Organizing Musical Programs (Including sound system)

Training in vocal (Light and Classical) and
Music Instruments
viz. Basari, Harmonium,
Synthesizer, Guitar,
Violin, Mandolin ,Sitar,
Tabla, Dholki and other Percussion Instruments

We conduct online music training for students.


  1. Musical Aptitude Test.
  2. Guidance about selecting appropriate Music branch.
  3. To prepare students for Classical Vocal, Basari, Harmonium, Violin, Sitar and Tabla examinations conducted by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal.
  4. Certificate Courses for Light Music (Vocal), Synthesizer, Guitar, Mandolin and Dholki by Swar-Taal Sadhana.
  5. Guidance regarding Musical Presentation and Accompaniment.
  6. Educational VCDs and books based on existing Music Exam patterns.
  7. Musical Educational Concerts for students, as an Introduction to various Musical forms.
  8. Music Consecration (Sangeet Sanskars)- A special batch for children between age four to six, to introduce Music.
Swartaal Sadhana